Champions of digital take business models into the future

An enthusiastic online firm in France has taken the digital world by storm, tapping into Europe’s potential and producing skyrocketing job and growth numbers.

Launched in 2012, French start-up Yoopies has quickly become Europe’s leading social platform for child-minding services. Available in 7 languages and 9 countries, users can look for a babysitter based on 50 criteria.

Moving from traditional word-of-mouth to ‘word-of-mouth 2.0’, the start-up has capitalised on digital tools and networks. Founder and CEO Benjamin Suchar highlights some figures: ‘We’ve gone from 3 to 15 people, from 10 babysitters to 400 000 registered, from Paris to France to Europe.’ Recently diversifying into other services, Yoopies looks set to become a market leader, with annual turnover increases of 300 % so far.

Digital is also attractive to investors. Yoopies raised 200 000 euros through business angels and has just received another injection of funds. But as pointed out by one of the EU-28’s ‘digital champions' Gilles Babinet, speaking from ‘42’, a school that trains 900 young people a year in digital skills, free of charge and regardless of qualifications: ‘You have to know how to present your idea succinctly [...] to get the green light and access to the money.’

According to Yoopies’ founder Benjamin Suchar, another key to success is ‘to share ideas. The people you talk to are your future suppliers, partners, staff, customers.’

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