Digital Riga triggers worldwide infographics revolution

A Riga business is showcasing true innovation in its role of digital pioneer, helping individuals and businesses worldwide use their own data to create high-quality infographics.

Riga, home to many innovative SMEs, is embracing the digital revolution, estimated to be worth billions of euros. is one such firm leading the way. It was set up three years ago by three people, but has since grown rapidly and now boasts 35 staff from 12 nationalities in Riga, as well as an office in San Francisco with two people and a website in Brazil.

The business concept is straightforward: allow users to create infographics using their own data. While the basic service is free, professional clients can pay for extra options.

‘We were the first in the world to introduce do-it-yourself infographics data,’ says Uldis Leiterts, co-founder of ‘Currently, we have 2 million customers worldwide. And we see the market potential for us in the next 10 years at about 100 million customers.’

The keys to their success so far, according to Reinis Zitmanis, Latvia’s EU Digital Champion, include a big enough market and the need to offer something very specific, new and not yet available. You also need to keep your mind open, embrace teamwork and listen to both your employees and your customers.

Digital Champions are ambassadors for the Digital Agenda, appointed by their Members States to help every European become digital.

The Digital Champions have different profiles. Some work for government authorities or public bodies such as national libraries, others are entrepreneurs, academics or representatives of civil society. What is uniting them is their passion to help people take advantage of the digital Opportunities by actively working on and promoting digital inclusion, e-government, ICT education, digital skills and entrepreneurship, etc.

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