Distribution of information on internationalisation services and instruments (KiVi)

The KiVi project is coordinated by the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK and Employment and the Economic Development Centres (TE-Centres) in cooperation with chambers of commerce and the Federation of Finnish Enterprises.

The project provides a concept and platform for organising events where information concerning internationalization services and instruments is distributed. Each seminar is organised locally and ideally all local actors join in at the planning stage in order to include all relevant experiences about the needs and preferences of local enterprises.

Nationally the project is coordinated by an Internet-based platform where all upcoming events are listed, and the programmes and presentations after the event are published. This makes communication more efficient and provides a service for all local organisers. In the same platform there are number of instruments available, namely the project document describing the process and content of the events, pre-designed template for the programme/invitation, feedback form and Excel worksheet for analysing the feedback information.

The events themselves consist of a half- or full-day seminar, where information is distributed in the form of presentations, company cases (emphasised), as well as in the mini fair where all interested service providers have a stand in the lobby of the seminar venue. All the presentations are posted on the national platform for later use.

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