Kit.Brunello.System (KBS)

Its objectives are to make businesses aware of the need for timely planning of the transfer and to assist them throughout the process.

KBS is a set of tools for managing business transfers, including:

  1. Awareness raising by newsletter and seminars
  2. Training and a manual on transfers
  3. Analysis tools – quick self-check and questionnaires with personalised profiles
  4. Monitoring - viability checks and mentoring
  5. Territorial monitoring of the status of SMEs, including statistics.

This measure has the right combination of ICT tools and face-to-face approach. By participating in numerous transnational projects, we have learned that there is a need to assist SMEs in the transfer phase and offer effective tools. We also participate in the national group of experts on family-run businesses/business transfer coordinated by the Ministry for Economic Development to facilitate the exchange of experience.

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