Two Belgian entrepeneurs received a launch fund of EUR 40 000 EU to start your project: "Do Eat"

Two Belgian entrepreneurs have pooled their talents and capitalised on an EU initiative, creating innovative food products that are taking Europe by storm.

Entrepreneurs in Europe are looking to make waves internationally by turning to EU support for their creative ideas and industries.

‘Creative districts’ have been set up with a helping hand from the EU in Belgium and Italy to help businesses modernise their ‘traditional’ industries, enabling them to innovate, develop and expand globally. 

Interior architect Thibaut Gilgquin and graphic designer Hélène Hoyois from Hainaut, Belgium are leading the way here, thinking outside the box, or in this case, the basket!

For their ‘Do Eat’ project, producing edible food baskets, they received a launch fund of EUR 40 000 and were able to call on experts when in need of advice.

‘We came with just an idea. For three months, from 8am to 8pm, we worked with two coaches who sped things up’, said Gilgquin. ‘We learned how to defend our project, to do a pitch in less than a minute to convince investors’, Hoyois added. ‘Separately, we managed to raise a first cash injection of EUR 60 000’.

Before they knew it, production levels had skyrocketed as demand grew across Europe. Two renowned chefs eventually joined the team and brought their own talents into the mix.

These creative districts reflect the EU’s goal of modernising Europe’s more traditional industries and encouraging creative thought in business.

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