Best Practice

Good practices are a coherent set of actions, in a particular context, that have worked well or excellently, and these good practices are expected to work in similar contexts with similar results. Systematized good practices allow us to learn from the experiences and learning of others, and apply them more broadly.

From EUROSMES net, a set of good practices, developed by other European SMEs in the different functional areas of the enterprises—with a particular emphasis on the area of Foreign Promotion—, have been compiled and made available to the SMEs.

Aragonese companies conscious promotion abroad.

We highlight the work of Aragonese companies that exemplify caring for his promotion promotion abroad and develop European and international agreements and / or success.

- PRODESA Medioambiente
- Podoactiva
- Magapor
- Turomas
- Grupo GAYPU


World gets hold of innovative Irish device for better hand hygiene in hospitals

An Irish SME has taken the business of hygienic hands international, boosted by EU support, with a unique device that has been enthusiastically received by hospitals worldwide.

Dublin’s high-tech hub, Silicon Docks, is home to flourishing businesses. Mary Leane set up her own SME in 2011 to offer a unique product to the world - SureWash.


Champions of digital take business models into the future

An enthusiastic online firm in France has taken the digital world by storm, tapping into Europe’s potential and producing skyrocketing job and growth numbers.


Nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship in young, hungry minds

A technical university in Munich (TUM) is tapping into a rich resource, aspiring young businesspeople keen to turn their innovative ideas into marketable products and services.


Over-50s thrive in entrepreneurial world through award-winning senior mentoring initiative

A 70-year-old Irish businessman has embraced an initiative aimed at helping the over-50s achieve entrepreneurial success. The results are impressive, with similar mentoring expanding into the UK and France.


Hub of expertise opens door to promising future for textile industry

The Swedish town of Borås is making a name for itself with a thriving textile cluster. Innovative products, new jobs and efficient processes stand out as benefits to be gained for the local sector.


Digital Riga triggers worldwide infographics revolution

A Riga business is showcasing true innovation in its role of digital pioneer, helping individuals and businesses worldwide use their own data to create high-quality infographics.


Turns unwanted textiles into jobs

An industrious group of innovative people in Italy is taking textile leftovers and transforming them into stylish, ready-to-wear garments, in the process creating jobs and opportunities.

Social innovation and enterprise is all about using business ideas to help society. The Quid project in Verona, Italy, exemplifies this, taking material discarded by textile producers in northern Italy and turning it into collections. These are then sold in its two shops under its own brand and through other big stores in Italy.


Two Belgian entrepeneurs received a launch fund of EUR 40 000 EU to start your project: "Do Eat"

Two Belgian entrepreneurs have pooled their talents and capitalised on an EU initiative, creating innovative food products that are taking Europe by storm.

Entrepreneurs in Europe are looking to make waves internationally by turning to EU support for their creative ideas and industries.


Access to finance: vital ingredient for a healthy start

A small Polish start-up selling custom-built kitchen units has been able to achieve exponential growth thanks to tailor-made financing backed by the EU.

Founded by two colleagues in July 2011 with €1 500, 3TOP has been able to establish itself as a popular provider of bespoke kitchen design in the Lublin area (South-East Poland).



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