1.1.- The European Union at a glance


General Information


Basic information on the European Union

Brief summary about what the European Union is about –past, present and future. This provides an essential overview in order that SMEs may understand how it works and the impact for the business development.

Europe from A to Z

Alphabetic index of the main issues, institutions and resources of the European Union.

Glossary of the European Union

The following glossary contains 233 terms relating to European integration and the institutions and activities of the EU.

Countries of the European Union

General information and basic data about all European countries – members, those who have applied to join the Union and others.


Publications that help us to know the EU


Europe and you: A snapshot of EU achievements

Have you ever wondered exactly what it is that the European Union does for you? If so, this booklet provides the answer with a brief glimpse at a few of the tangible steps the EU has taken in 2010 to make life better and easier.

How the European Union works: Your guide to the EU institutions

This publication describe the Treaties, the EU institutions and the other bodies and agencies, explaining what each entity does and how they interact.

Europe in 12 lessons

A detailed overview of the EU – past, present and future.

Key facts and figures about Europe and the Europeans

Through a series of graphs and charts, this booklet presents basic facts and figures about the European Union and its member states.

Panorama of the European Union

Brief and simple explanation of what it is, what it does and how the European Union works.

Easy Reading Corner

Here you will find booklets that explain, as simply as possible, what the European Union is and what it does. You can also find maps, posters and postcards and booklets about the EU for young people.

European Union: Facts and figures

A practical compilation of essential information on the European Union, its member states and candidate countries. It contains a description of political systems, population figures, official languages, government websites and other useful data about each country.

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