Agenda Highlights

2015 Nov. - POPULAR Bank will collaborate with the EUROSMEs network.

From December 2015, POPULAR Bank will collaborate with the EUROSMEs network giving financial advice to the Businesses Associations and their SMEs registered on the EUROSMEs technology platform.

POPULAR Bank offers advice on investment and financing products and services to over one million businesses and eigth million customers worldwide


CEPYME ARAGÓN headquartes, 2015

2015 Oct. - EUROSMES network will be watching the results of the SME Assembly.

The SME Assembly is the most significant event for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe. The conference takes place once a year during the European SME Week. Together with the network of SME Envoys, the assembly creates the governance structure of the Small Business Act.

2015 Oct. - EUROSMEs New Website Re-launch!

2015 Sept. - EUROSMES Has a Slogan for the Network

“Use the strenght of the SMEs; Use the strenght of the EUROSMEs Network”

2015 May. - The Central Unit of EUROSMEs visited the main European Institutions to interact and know all the lastest measures concerning about the European SMEs.

Counseil of Europe, Strasbourg European Parlament, Strasbourg

2015 May. - EUROSMEs visit the DG Growth.

DG. Growth, Brussels

Download here the Guidebook Series elaborated for the Directorate –General for Enterprise and Industry and recommended by the European Commission.





2015 Apr. - EUROSMEs NEWSletter.

The Bussiness Associations as Members of EuroSMes, receive a Newsletter to boost new entreprenurial opportunities between their SMEs.


2014 Dec. - Welcoming to New Members.

Members of the Central Unit of EUROSMEs visit and welcome HAMAG BICRO  and Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia as members

Croatia Slovenia

2014 Nov. - RASDI Project Final Workshop with the DG EMPLOYMENT in Brussels.

Members of the EUROSMEs network presented last November the results of the European Project “A Regional Approach to Social Dialogue in Industrial SMEs”, RASDI. A Project that Started in January and finished in November, 2014.

The final workshop event took place in Permanent Representation of Spain to the EU.

Participant Associations:

Czech Republic: AMSP CR, The Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Czech Republic
Italy: FEDERLAZIO, The Lazio Association of Small and Medieum- Sized Enterprises
Spain: CEPYME ARAGÓN, La Confederación de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa Aragonesa
Sweden: FÖRETAGARNA, The Swedish Federation of Business Owners
Portugal: INNOVA+, The Innovation and Technological Consulting

Brussels, November 2014

Welcome by the Councelor for Employment, Spanish Representation, Ms Dolores Cano and European Commission Social Dialog Project Manager Mr. Danny Scheerlinck.
Presentation of the RASDI project goals and Objectives by Mr. Miguel Ángel Lucía (CEPYME ARAGÓN), presentation of the Methodology of the regional assessment by Pedro Soutinho (INNOVA+/CEDES)
Presentation of the Spanish results by Mr.Rafael Zapatero (General Secretary at CEPYME), Swedish results by Ms. Marie Källum (Project Manager at FÖRETAGARNA), Czech results by Ms. Marketa Sandova (Project Manager at AMSP), and the Italian results by Mr. Luciano Mocci (General Secretary at FEDERLAZIO).

2014 Sept. - Members of the EUROSMEs Central Unit maintain its annual meeting with the Government of Aragon.

Hon. Mr. Director General of Trade and Crafts,Government of Aragon, Mr. Juan Carlos Trillo Baigorri and members of his team welcomed the management team of the EUROSMEs Central Unit, last 25th September at the Government of Aragon headquarters located in Zaragoza city. The main purpose of this meeting was reviewing and monitoring the actions undertaken by the EUROSMEs Network and co-financed by the Department of Economy, Industry and employment of the Government of Aragon.

Aragonese Government Headquarters, Pignatelli Building, Zaragoza

2014 Sept. - CEPYME ARAGON, member of EUROSMEs, visit the European Commision to know about the Junker Commission and its Priorities.

2014 Jun. - EUROSMES visits the European Institutions.

Spanish representatives of 25 sectoral business organizations of CEPYME ARAGÓN members of the EUROSMEs Network visited the main European institutions; European Commission, European Parliament and European Council. thank to a collaboration with the Permanent Representation of the European Commission in Spain.

This official visit was aimed that representative Business Organizations of SMEs of Aragon personally may know the functioning of the European institutions and the   issues that directly affect business community of SMEs in Europe; Policy Initiatives, legislation, regulations, programs, etc ... and the decisions being taken and processed and are envisaged in the near future, as they affect or may affect the business activities of SMEs.

Berlaymont Building - Brussels Jun. 2014

2014 Jan. - General Assembly 2014

Members of EUROSMEs Network  in the General Assembly that took place in the Office of the Government of Aragon in Brussels.

Some of the participant countries were the Austrian Business Association Österreichischer Gewerbeverein (Austria), the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Czech Republic AMSP CR (Czech Republic), the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association ISME (Ireland), the Lazio Association of Small Federlazio (Italy), La Confederación de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa Aragonesa CEPYME Aragón (Spain), and the Swedish Federation of Business Owners Företagarna (Sweden).

Office of the Government of Aragon in Brussels

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