Business Directory

The Business Directory of EUROSMEs provides SMEs form different countries unlimited business opportunities, helping them to develop and activate their current and future trade flows, in order to invigorate its production, raw materials and promote its products and services.

The Business Directory collects data on business interest necessary for European SMEs can meet and connect. The directory provides the ability to search companies by different criteria, such as their business, services and / or products, or location.

To be included in this Business Directory, enterprises should be located in one of the European regions that participate in the network of EUROSMEs, and is associated to some business organisations that are members of the network or some of its sectorial or territorial associations. Enterprises that would like to be included in this directory should register in the network of EUROSMEs through this direction: and filling out the formulary you will find in there. Once registered, companies can access to the network by using a username and a password that will allow them access to exclusive contents and utilities for the registered users.

- information available only to authenticated users -

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