An European Business Social Network

Eurosmes provides European SMEs the space, and the necessary tools for being able to be in contact, share information, promote their goods and services and establish the contacts they deem appropriate.

BUSINESS FORUMS to exchange information, valuations in which enterprises can express their opinions, knowledge and doubts about matters both general and specific, with the possibility that other enterprises could answer the questions raised or comment.

ACHAT ROOMin which the enterprises connected will be able to have a real-time conversation publicly, with messages that can be read and answered by all the enterprises of the EUROSMES network, or privately between two or more enterprises.

PERSONAL CONTACT FORMS which allows enterprises from Eurosmes network contact and send direct emails without publishing the email address.

To participate in this business social network and benefit of all its possibilities, it is necessary the registration in Eurosmes.

Plataforma tecnológica cofinanciada por: