Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Pirkanmaan Yrittäjät)


The Federation of Finnish Enterprises in the region of Tampere (Pirkanmaan Yrittäjät) is the largest territorial business organization in Finland. It represents 44 local associations and 10,600 companies employing about 50,000 people in the Tampere region.

The main goal of the Federation is to create opportunities for entrepreneurs and make the entrepreneurship easier and more accessible in the region of Tampere. In the Federation there are experts and promoters improving the conditions for a profitable and sustainable operation of small and medium-sized enterprises. The Federation actively creates and enhances proposals and initiatives concerning about all issues related to entrepreneurship.

The Federation territorial influences decision-making in society and the different stakeholders in order to improve conditions for entrepreneurship and ensure equal treatment between all businesses in the Tampere region.

The main sectors or areas of activity are the services, trade, industry, construction and transport.

Members of the organisation have at their disposal training, assistance and fair services to encourage industrial relationships.

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