FIWARE Accelerator Programme

Start date: 
Tuesday, 16 September 2014
Wednesday, 31 December 2014
Overview and objectives: 

The European Commission launched the FIWARE Accelerator Programme. €80 million will be awarded to SMEs, Startups and web-entrepreneurs using FIWARE Technologies.

FIWARE is part of the EU Public-Private Partnership on the Future Internet and of the EU commitment to help entrepreneurs thrive in Europe via the Startup Europe initiative.

FIWARE is an open alternative to existing proprietary Internet platforms. It enables an easy development and deployment of advanced Internet applications. FIWARE provides enhanced OpenStack-based cloud hosting capabilities and a rich library of components. These components, called the “Generic Enablers”, provide open standard APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that make it easier to connect to Internet of Things (IoT) devices, process data and media in real-time at large scale, perform Big Data analysis or incorporate advanced features to interact with the user. In FIWARE, API specifications are public and royalty-free, supported by open source reference implementations. Thanks to that, alternative FIWARE providers can emerge faster in the market.

A series of large scale trials have been running in companies working in the energy, health, smart manufacturing, logistics, agriculture and creative industries to test the FIWARE technology building blocks in large-scale and real-life settings. Now this opportunity is opened to SMEs, startups and web entrepreneurs.

The FIWARE Accelerator will select, mentor and sponsor the most talented teams and business proposals building upon FIWARE technology. More than 1000 enterprises and app developers using FIWARE will benefit from funding up to 150.000 Euro.


Smart cities



Energy & Environment


Media & Content

Manufacturing & Logistics

Social & Learning

Programme budget: 
€80 000 000.00
Calls developing it: 


CEED Tech is a consortium of five startup accelerators, operating in Central and Eastern Europe; it aims to help young companies build viable products, launch them quickly and succesfully raise capital. Its acceleration processes are designed around the specific needs of participants, employing the best practices used by world-leading accelerators. In only three years, it has launched 94 technology companies and helped them to raise over €5M in seed and venture capital.


FI-WARE EuropeanPioneers

EuropeanPioneers aims to enlarge the number of web-entrepreneurs in the field of media in Europe and especially to implement successful state-of-the-art businesses in this field. Thus, the project focuses on creative ideas with the potential to exploit the latest technology provided by FIWARE and FI-CONTENT for the development of software applications enriching the media business landscape and improving media usage for end-customers as well as media suppliers.



SOUL-FI is seeking to promote the development of products and/or services that take advantage of real time information, open and crowd-sourced data. SOUL-FI is open for ideas based on FIWARE technologies that make the best of what the Internet of Things has to offer.



The FI-ADOPT accelerator will create a technological and business ecosystem in which SMEs and web-entrepreneurs will be supported to develop highly innovative applications for corporate and citizen’s learning/training, healthy behaviour shaping and social integration purposes. They will employ rich media, social networking, and mobile apps and gaming principles. Selection criteria will be based on technological excellence, FIWARE Adoption acceleration, and market readiness.



Future Internet CHallenge eHealth (FICHe) aims to accelerate SMEs and startups that develop innovative applications in the eHealth domain using FIWARE technology. FICHe will provide SMEs or startups with direct funding, technical training and business coaching.


FI-WARE SmartAgriFood

SmartAgriFood aims to provide farmers and agricultural producers throughout Europe with ICT products (services and applications) ready for immediate use through an open and easily accessible online marketplace. Projects are expected to address one or more of three representative farming subsectors (Arable Farming - large-scale, Horticulture, Livestock Farming) and provide smart solutions for specific farm operations or farm management activities.

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