H2020-ISSI-2015-1. Integrating Society in Science and Innovation

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Publication Date: 
Wednesday, 22 April 2015
Wednesday, 16 September 2015
Overview and objectives: 

Citizens' interests and values need to be better integrated into science, technology, research and innovation issues, policies and activities. This integration will increase the quality, relevance, social acceptability and sustainability of research and innovation outcomes in various fields of activity from social innovation to nanotechnology. This integration will be made possible by promoting Responsible Research and Innovation, i.e. the engagement of citizens and society in a co-creative research and innovation process.
Responsible Research and Innovation are part of the effort to establish the European Research Area and fulfil the commitment of the Innovation Union. In 2014 and 2015, Science with and for Society will promote and further the understanding of Responsible Research and Innovation by combining actions in particular aiming at:

  • Developing citizens’ interest and capacities for science and allowing them to actively participate in various scientific activities (e.g. exhibitions and science cafés, grass roots "Do It Yourself" (DiY) creative re-use communities, on-line mechanisms for knowledge-based policy advice);
  • Fostering the dissemination of information and good practices through a Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP), including networking, monitoring and assessing relevant initiatives;
  • Supporting structural change in the research organisation and higher education institutions to promote Responsible Research and Innovation.

 ISSI-1-2015: Pan-European public outreach: exhibitions and science cafés engaging citizens in science

This topic will organise public outreach exhibitions and participatory events throughout the whole of Europe to engage citizens in science, drawing on the experience and capacity of science museums, Higher Education Institutions, science shops, scientific centres of excellence and innovation hubs, cities of scientific culture (e.g. building on the Seventh Framework programme PLACES initiative), but also grass root Do It Yourself (DiY) creative re-use communities (like movements, etc.), secondary schools, higher education centres, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and civil society organizations, local public authorities and other relevant stakeholders. The topic will take-up and further develop the information and training material produced by the RRI Toolkit developed by the Seventh Framework Programme project RRI Toolkit.

Type of action: Coordination and Support Actions.

ISSI-3-2015: Knowledge Sharing Platform

The topic aims to foster the sharing of ‘Science With and For Society’ experience and know-how in Europe, and beyond. Activities shall envisage building a Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) to federate Responsible Research and Innovation communities and make RRI and its key dimensions more effective research and innovation policy support tools. It shall simultaneously operate and draw from the networking of relevant projects, service contracts and actors. Furthermore, the KSP shall provide an RRI assessment and good practice function, and will disseminate and advocate findings with a view to strengthen European leadership in the governance of Responsible Research and Innovation in both policy-relevant and thematic European and global fora corresponding to the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges. The KSP shall use a variety of means of exchange, employing e.g. direct face-to-face meetings, participatory processes as well as social media and modern ICT and multimedia tools (non-exhaustive list). The Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) shall hold Mobilisation and Mutual Learning workshops to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, national Science with and for Society -related programme managers and policy-makers and other stakeholders to reflect upon, share, assess, consolidate and transfer experiences and lessons learnt from Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes projects, activities, methodologies and outcomes. Furthermore, the proposals shall also aim to support the Science with and for Society Community by facilitating new and lasting partnerships, fostering joint visions and positions amongst constituencies. In order to meet the requirement for a wide diversity actors, the consortium will encourage the active participation of the following types of actors: research performing and/or funding organisations, industry/business/SME, policy makers/public authorities, and Civil Society Organisations (CSO).

Type of action: Coordination and Support Actions.

ISSI-4-2015: On-line mechanisms for knowledge-based policy advice

The on-line dimension of knowledge-based decision-making should involve different mechanisms, such as Science 2.0, e-Science approaches and other collaborative functions for policy analysis, forward looking studies, technology assessment, data exchange for research etc.; trans-European collaboration tools focusing on EU level policy advice; work-flow management systems for specific methods; participatory citizen and stakeholder consultation systems; services supporting Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) methods and frameworks, including gender equality; Web-services for the project life-cycle - project definition, method choice, evaluation and management. The proposals shall probe the potential and feasibility of on-line services and develop and demonstrate on-line services that will strengthen European capacity for knowledge-based policy analysis and advice, with special emphasis on Science, technology and Innovation (STI) governance. Emphasis shall be put on a well-documented demand-side, on targeted user-centred solutions, and on usability across languages and among different institutional structures in the advisory domains. Innovation height shall be found in the functions provided, and the use of known and well tested enabling ICT technologies is to be preferred. In order to meet the requirement for a wide diversity actors, the consortium will encourage the active participation of the following types of actors: research performing and/or funding organisations, industry/business/SME, policy makers/public authorities, and Civil Society Organisations (CSO).

Type of action: Research and Innovation Actions.

ISSI-5-2015: Supporting structural change in research organisations to promote Responsible Research and Innovation

This topic aims at developing a Responsible Research and Innovation Plan covering five RRI keys (societal engagement, gender equality and gender in research and innovation content, open access, science education and ethics) in each participating institution. The proposals shall include an analysis of the main problems and challenges, as well as a set of specific implementing actions aiming at the necessary structural change on the basis of specific situation and challenges. Action Plans shall be accompanied by an implementation roadmap.

Type of action: Coordination and Support Actions.

Recipient bodies: 

These activities are targeted to citizens and their associations or groupings, researchers and innovators, research organisations, policy and decision makers at national, regional and local levels, primary, secondary and higher education establishments, science museums, libraries, media, artists, creative industries, etc.

Budget available: 
€22 000 000.00
Developed programme: 

Horizon 2020: Science with and for Society

The aim of this programme is to build effective cooperation between science and society, to recruit new talent for science and to pair scientific excellence with social awareness and responsibility.

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