Portuguese Business Association (AEP)


The Portuguese Business Association is a national and multi-sectorial business organization that has its headquarters in Porto, founded in 1849, whose main objective is the defense of the business interests and the representation of its members, reinforcing the national and international business associationism, providing services of different fields like business exhibitions and conferences, information and business support, consultancy, missions, promotion for investors  and professional training.

Services for Companies

Consultancy and technical services for the companies

AEP provides technical services and consultancy to enterprises through different ways. It offers business advice about incentive systems like innovation, intermediaries, industrial property, internationalisation support and foreign promotion through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Also EURISKO studies offer consultancy in some fields like energetic efficiency, commercial management about quality, environment and other business management.

Acoustics, industrial informatics, water analysis and material processing by laser are in the sphere of IDIT. Also, AEP provides through its website business information with access to legislation and the main centres of distribution of the worldwide databases.

Professional Training

Professional training is one of the main services that provides AEP: recurrent training, business training, specialized and post-graduate and education. AEP owns the biggest centre of recurrent training, where 30000 students get trained each year in fields like financial business, commercial area, marketing, industrial management, human resources…

It offers companies diagnosis of its training needs, organisation of training actions, elaboration of training plans, consultancy and technical assistance in training projects.  Also through the business school “Católica Porto Business School” it provides post-graduate training to employers and companies; and through the “Centro de serviços e Apoio ás Empresas” (CESAE), it directs about one thousand training actions at distance about new technologies.

Congresses, fairs and exhibitions

AEP is specialized in organizing congresses, fairs and exhibitions using privileged infrastructures to realize those events, like “EUROPARQUE”, a complex generator of business, cultural, scientific, and technologic and leisure occurrences. Located at 30 km of Porto, it has an Auditorium with a capacity of 1500 spectators, 19 meeting rooms made to house from 10 to 100 people and a polyvalent pavilion of 7200 m²; or EXPONOR, a flexible congress centre, where all kind of events can be organized, with 10 meeting rooms prepared to house between 10 and 350 people and 4 auditoriums with the capacity of 200 to 1000 spectators and. The noteworthy EXPONOR is also the Oporto International Fair, has many years of experience in organizing events (since 1856) and it has offices all over the world. EXPONOR organizes more than 50 fair in different sectors each year around Europe, Africa and South America; EXPONOR – Brasil whose headquarters are located at São Paulo, is dedicated in organizing fairs and exhibitions in South America.

Supports Foreign Market

AEP supports foreign markets and it works like a direct and permanent bond to international markets. It organizes commercial missions and takes part in commercial fairs and has several exhibition-rooms.  

Business Parks


Parque-Invest” provides the employers integrated solutions about creation and development of its business, giving specialized consultancy about in management, planning, territorial development; specialized assistance about the possible locations of the enterprise; management of industrial, business and technology parks, promoting business initiative and business incubation.

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