Swedish Federation of Business Owners (Företagarna)


The Swedish Federation of Business Owners (Företagarna) is the largest business organization in Sweden, representing about 75000 entrepreneurs, 50000 of them are direct members and 25000 are members of trade associations. The basic profiles of its members are entrepreneurs and businessmen, owners of their own businesses.

Företagarna aims to support those individuals or legal entities who want to start and / or develop as entrepreneurs in Sweden, as well as promoting the best conditions for the implementation, operation and development of companies in Sweden.

Its mission is to encourage entrepreneurship, safeguard the rights of entrepreneurs and promote conditions that make businesses easy, accessible and successful.

Among the many objectives of Företagarna are remarkable the advertisement of free trade and free competition. However, our most ambitious goal is to regain Sweden’s former position as one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world.

In Företagarna, people are critical to political parties that do not support policies that foster entrepreneurship. They do not represent any political party; they cooperate with all those who promote policies that favor the creation of initiatives and corporate actions. Its level of dialogue is aimed at government ministers, as well as the opposition, unions and other organisations, which aim to work for better business climate. One of its most important tasks is to clarify the relationship between entrepreneurship, development and prosperity.

They work very close to the small and medium employers in Sweden. Thanks to that it is known by firsthand what is important to them in order to facilitate its business decisions and actions. The region represents about 20 percent of Sweden.

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