Tampere (Finland)

The region of Tampere is the second largest economic region of Finland, in this territory is located modern industry, commerce, services and education.  The region offers to its inhabitants business and future opportunities, good traffic connections and attractive living conditions in an environment that combines villages located in the middle of the nature with rural landscapes.

The region is divided into 8 sub-regions that integrate 22 municipalities: Tampere, Kangasala, Lempäälä, Nokia, Orivesi, Pirkkala, Vesilahti y Ylöjärvi.

The region of Tampere offers experience in international businesses, global leading companies of the market, high-level research institutions and universities that offer highly qualified workforce. On the other hand, it is a region of lakes, parks and industrial heritage that allows a good quality of life in an environment surrounded by the nature, in fact, it is selected as the most attractive region of the whole country.

Basic data of Finland



390.920 km2 (9% is fresch watter: 188.000 lakes). The forest cover 68% of the national territory.

Population: 5,4 millions inhabitants
Capital: Helsinki, 580 000 inhabitants
Official Language: Finnish and swedish
GDP: 183 billIons €
GDP per cápita (2010): 34.000 €
Currency: Euro 


Basic data of Tampere


Area: 12606 km2
Population: 490000 inhabitants.
GDP: 15210 millions euros (8,6% of the GDP in Finland)
GDP per cápita: 33.500  €



It is very easy to reach the region of Tampere from any direction, whether traveling by train, road or plane, what provides a rapid access to the important markets of Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia. In fact, Tampere is a logistical link with the East, as it is only 400 kilometers away from St. Petersburg.

Tampere is located very close and well connected to Helsinki, capital of Finland, so it is possible to move between both cities spending just two hours by car, one hour and 26 minutes by train and 35 minutes by plane.

The continuing improvements of the transport links drive its competitively forward.

The airport of Tampere, with about 800,000 annual passengers, is the second busiest airport in Finland.

And by sea the great Finnish ports of the coasts of the Gulf of Bothnia are the most remarkable ones.



Tampere is the centre of the Finnish industry. The total income in its industrial sector is 25 million euros. The region counts with about 30500 establishments.

The key to reach the economic success in Tampere is the continuing innovation, the cooperation between universities and industries and a clearly strategy focused in the development of certain specialisation areas such as mechanic engineering or automation, information technology and health technology. The forestall industry plays an important role too.

Thanks to the long tradition of the industrial activity of the city and the region of Tampere, it accommodates recognized international enterprises that export their products and knowledge around the world.

The largest companies in the Tampere Region are:

  • Nokia (Electronics)
  • Metso (metallurgy)
  • Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa (retail cooperative)
  • Finland Post (transport and logistics)
  • UPM-Kymmene (woodworking)
  • Nokian Tyres (rubber and plastics)
  • Saarioinen (food processing)
  • Metsäliitto (woodworking)
  • Tradeka

Population distribution by sector

  Tampere FINLAND
Primary sector 2,7 % 3,9 %
Industria 31,3 % 25,2 %
Servicios 65,2 % 70,1 %
Otros  0,9 % 1,0 %


Research and Development (R & D)

The Region of Tampere is located the main Research and Development (R&D) centre of the country after the Helsinki conurbation, not in vain, 15% of the R&D national budget in Finland is spent this region.

Tampere has consolidated research experience in seven different areas:

  • Biotechnology
  • Digital Business
  • Energy Technology
  • Health Technology
  • Intelligent Machines
  • Nanotechnology
  • Ubiquitous computing

These activities are based on a close cooperation between different research and advanced education institutions, the business community and the different funding-organisation.  

The joining of a scientific and technological diversified community and a network associated to educational establishments ensure that the region receive continuing supply of highly qualified personnel with new experience levels, allowing the accelerated growth of its industries. 

The advanced educational institutions of Tampere are:

  • University of Tampere
  • Tampere University of Technology
  • TAMK University of Applied Sciences
  • HAMK University of Applied Sciences
  • Police College of Finland.
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