In the recent years, exports have been a key driver of the European economy and business growth. Issues related to the internationalization of the company and the export base have received a great attention from the European Union.

Increase exports, especially exports regularly, perhaps it is the most important challenge facing the internationalization of the economy and European Small and Medium Enterprises.

Export allows many companies enhance their business. When the business cycle is favorable, it is advisable to establish a strategy to diversify export markets and to prevent unwanted risks in times of economic hardship situations.


TEST FOR ENTREPENEURS AND SMES. Measuring Strengths and Weaknesses


Your company aims to start a process of internationalization, Do you have a strategic plan to start with?
Do you know which are the strengths and weaknesses of your company?
Is there anybody in your staff specialized in internationalization?
Do you know the territories of the countries that currently make up the European network of SMEs EUROSMEs?
Does your company has set targets Internationalization within 2 years?
Your company aims to export a certain product. Do you think your product is demanded in foreign markets?
Do you think that would be necessary to expand the current production capacity?
Do you know the European standards needed to sell in other countries?
It is necessary to approve or certify your product to export it to other markets?
Have you updated about tariffs of your product?
Do you know which are the means for international payments?
Do you know what are the costs and duration of transportation chosen for your exports?
Does your website is available in other languages?
Do you have promotional material of your enterprise products and services such as publications, leaflets, etc.?
Have you told to your regional business organization about your interested in starting the process of internationalization?
Would you be willing to collaborate with other companies to promote and market their products abroad or conducting joint European projects?
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