Union of Entrepreneurs of Warsaw and Mazovia


The Union of Entrepreneurs of Warsaw and Mazovia, Związek Pracodawców Warszawy i Mazowsza (ZPWiM) is a professional non-profit territorial founded in 1990 to defend, represent and encourage the interests of entrepreneurs of Mazovia (Poland). ZPWiM is the most recognized business organization of Mazovia, and one of the local social agents and therefore it has direct contact with the government and other social agents.

The main objectives of ZPWiM are activities that of focus on  the improvement of the economic and social environment of business, contributing to the promotion of social dialogue at the territorial level, supporting members in everyday life activities and interests, providing specialized advice to organisations. ZPWiM also facilitates business contacts and representatives of many institutions, including the Territorial Employment Board and Territorial Dialogue Committee.

ZPWiM ensures high quality in economic information, analysis and research at the territorial level. This information is developed by experts of ZPWiM, encouraged by specialists from member companies and a team of recognized economists, sociologists and lawyers.

ZPWiM members are companies and entrepreneurs that belong to the following industrial areas: Textile Industry, Construction, Food Industry, Culture and Education, Training, Business Services, Health, Chemistry, Advertising and Graphic Arts and other sectors like Consulting Architecture, Safeguard, lighting, etc.

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